Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If You Give a Pig a Party!

Well my new favorite book is, If You Give a Pig a Party! This week is the book fair at our school and I fell in love with this book. It's just a play off of one of those books like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or If You Give a Moose a Muffin, they are so fun. This not only includes decorating a party but a jammy jam with all her friends (a jammy jam is a dance party/ slumber party in your pjs, for those of you not into the teeny-bop lingo), too! This book was MADE for ME! Anyway I loved finding that today and thought I should share.

Oh my gosh I've been inspired.....Here I go.....

If You Give Rosalyn a Party!

If you give Rosalyn a party she is going to want to decorate it herself so she will ask you for a Martha Stewart magazine. If you give her the magazine she will not be satisfied with just that one she will actually need a dozen. If you give her a dozen magazines it will make her think of a dozen cookies and she will want you to take her immediately to the United. If you take her to the store she will not just want chocolate cookie dough she will actually want to make a dozen cookie monsters, soooo she will need Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream to go with it. If you let Rosalyn makes a dozen cookie monsters then she will need 11 more friends to eat them so she will need to send out invitations. If you give her invitations that will remind her she was supposed to be throwing a party and she will need to make a list of more things for the party. If you help her make a list she will realize she hasn't' picked a theme or color scheme and she will want you to take her to Hobby Lobby. If you take her to Hobby Lobby she is going to want to use yellow and polka dots but will realize that Abilene doesn't have any cool crafts or party supplies so she will want you to take her to Austin. If you take her to Austin she will decide she actually wants to have help with the party and will want you to take her to a professional event planning company. If you take her into the event planning company she is actually going to ask for a job.When she asks for a job they are actually going to give her one. When they give her a job she is going to want to throw a party!

Ok I'm sorry that was out of control but actually fun to sit here and write. I think that is how my brain works right now or maybe all the time...I'm all over the place and have no clue what I'm going to do but it's fun I guess!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I heart...

The things I love... (not in any specific order)
  • chocolat chip cookie dough
  • sweet tea
  • anything yellow
  • hydrangea
  • Martha Stewart crafts
  • lanterns
  • jeans
  • pictures
  • polka dots
  • snow
  • fall
  • my sister rings
  • lasagna
  • basketball
  • taking naps on cold days
  • S&C
  • watching movies on rainy days
  • sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts with shorts
  • layered clothes
  • fun earrings
  • Oxford
  • cookie monsters
  • Crimea/Kazakhstan
  • Tishomingo
  • Teeny Bop Shows (Too many to list)
  • cool hair parts
  • intramurals
  • ACU
  • EOX
  • Austin, TX (going to be my new home...here I come HP, C&A, and J&H)
  • sewing
  • Throwing PARTIES!!!!
  • FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!
  • FAMILY!!!!!!
  • JESUS!!!!!!!!

What a blessing life is, look at all the fun things we get to enjoy! So with all these things I probably should not ever really be sad or upset for too long b/c I have all these things to cheer me right back up!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Keep your cats in your house!

So this weekend we had a new little roommate (in our backyard). A little grey and white kitten showed up on our back porch out of no where. Linds, Brent and I were sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden we start hearing a little pitiful meow. Then this little kitten head pokes up over our door window in the kitchen. First off we are shocked out of our mind that it can climb that high and then second none of us really care that it's a lost kitten. This cat stayed at our house all weekend just meowing and wanting to come in pretty much driving us crazy. Poor thing it was lost it had a little pink collar and little bell, but it should have stayed inside it's house then it wouldn't be lost. You would think with 6 girls living in a house that one of us would LOVE cats...no luck...we all HATE cats and really had no pitty on this little thing. Ashley and Macey tried throwing it over the neighbor's fence....we tried ignoring it ... we didn't' feed it or anything hoping it would just leave but without fail it still hung out in our backyard bugging us to death. I was working on a project where I had to spray paint tons of dots and it was getting all in my stuff.....ahhh! Anyways, I do not like cats. I'm sure you want to turn our house in for animal cruelty but we did give in and start feeding "Tootles" (Brent named her). I even made flyers which I drew a picture of our little feline friend and Linds B. and I put them all over the neighborhood. No response yet but thank goodness for Kristin she saved Tootles and took her home until we find it's owner. Now it will not be neglected any longer. All this to say....if you keep your cats inside then they will not get lost, they will not go in other people's yards, they won't eat my childhood rabbit named Jack, and they will not be a problem.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weddings: Consider the Key Passed!!!!

IT'S CAMILLE!!!Well you maybe wondering why would I put a picture of Big Ben on this blog? Well it's only because that is where Camille got engaged this weekend!!!!!! I know it's out of control. On Friday Camille and I drove to Dallas because I was "supposedly" going to be speaking at a girl's retreat for Cody's youth group. Instead though, I dropped Camille off at DFW where Marcos meet us, he surprised Camille with a trip to London. Camille was shocked out of her mind! It was so fun!
They arrived Saturday morning around 7:00 and then around noon Marcos proposed to her under Big Ben looking at the Thames River at this special place they had found almost five years ago when we had been in London before. It was incredible! They spent the rest of the day walking and shopping around London. They of course ate fish and chips and then went to see The Lion King Musical. Saturday night at midnight they sat on "their bench" and listened to Big Ben chime 12 times before they headed home to rest up for their flight home! They then flew home Sunday morning and Lindsay, Cody, and I meet them at the airport!!! It was such a fabulous weekend! Camille will probably get married in May either the 20th or 27th we are not sure yet! Anyway I just wanted to share with everyone the exciting news about Camille. It's such a blessing that Camille and Marcos will get married. They are perfect for each other in everyway.

(I'm sorry I couldn't get this picture to flip
but I thought it was so cute of Camille)

P.S. We won the Championship rec football game last night!!!!!!!!!! Go Blue!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I caught the ball !!!!!!!!!

Tonight we had an intramural football game and it was a close game of 3 touch downs to 0 (I'm not sure what that score would be) but it was so fun. This season I play safety and love it. Some games I get action and others not so much. I'm not going to lie I usually have a hard time catching the ball...I think that's why they put me at safety b/c usually girls don't have too good of passing games. So most of my time is spent cheering on the rest of the defense and trying to stay warm by spinning around or doing silly cheers to myself. Anyways to get to the point tonight the ball was thrown in my direction and I got so nervous but relieved when one of my other teammates was going to intercept the ball and I wouldn't have too. (but wait she missed it and it fumbles out of her hands right into mine) hooray I caught the ball and for a moment was unsure of what I was supposed to do next. I quickly realized I was supposed to run and managed a few yards!! I was so excited! I'm not meaning to brag but I haven't' really caught a ball all season and just needed to share my excitement and joy with everyone else! Our team is still undefeated and are trekking along! Dave thanks for being such a great defense coach and cheering me on tonight! For those of you who didn't recognize me that is me in the picture up there pretty cool catch huh?