Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My new hobby!!!

So I have been reading all these blogs where people have started to screen print! I got very interested and figured I needed to learn how to do it! There are lots of different ways to do it but I've only attempted one... I just wanted to figure it out before Isabella came! Here are a few of my finished products! I'm really into making fun little onsies for my little friend that's on her way! My favorite is the silloette of Baby Shelby! Is there anything cuter than a basset? Then I have her little shamarock onsie in case she does make it here on her due date! Then that last one I just threw in (it's not screen printed just sewn on but I think it is cute).

I also have learned how to do a little ruffle...so fun and so cute on little girl bottoms! That's on the back of the Shelby onsie!

Here is the kit that I bought to start my screen printing hobby! There are lots of homemade versions that I will use from now on but I figured at first I needed the real deal to teach myself!

Here is my lovely screen...I forgot to wash it out so now it will only make those few images...you live and learn...good thing I love the "i" and the "Shelby" I can keep using those for sure!

If anyone is interested in learning how to screen print this is the blog Lil Blue Boo, that I followed! It was very helpful! I'm super pumped about all the things you can do with screen printing..I definitely need to practice a bit more but I think it's a fun thing to do!!

(Not sure why everything I typed is blue and underlined...that's pretty annoying)