Friday, November 24, 2006

"Where are we...what the hell is going on?"

"spin me around again and rub my eyes this can't be happening"

(all the quotes are from an Imogen Heap song that I'm obsessed with)

let me explain....

Thanksgiving Thursday mornings in the past began with waking up to mom's marmalade coffee cake and watching the Macy's Day parade downstairs with all of us girls and dad. Later in the day we would stuff our face with pecan pie, dry white turkey, frozen rolls with honey, and various other side dishes which changed depending on the company. Some years we were with Mom's side but most of our memories came from spending the Holidays with Dad's family. My memom has a sister that lives here in Abilene and they have three boys who now have their own families and kids. We would spend Thanksgiving with them and my aunt and uncle. I remember going over to their house many times and watching football and sitting by the fire. I was usually pretty bored considering I was a little girl and football wasn't as appealing to me then. I'm becoming a pretty good football fan now considering the company I keep but not so much then. I still loved going over there and getting tons of attention from my older boy second cousins. Anyway all these things said, I have very fond memories of Thanksgivings past.

This year is different because of a handful of reasons some understood some not so much. I got to spend ten mins with my whole family yesterday on a conference call with Heather in Italy(figuring out her life) and Camille in Dallas (experiencing her first holiday as a nurse). My extended family that is usually here did something different this year which is weird. The friends that are usually here over the break weren't here long or weren't here at all. Things just change when you grow up.

Mom, Dad and I spent Thanksgiving visiting with each other over mom's famous pizza. I love mom's pizza and I do not mind all the attention on me...we all know that's not a problem! It is just different not having my sisters here and the family that I have most memories of Thanksgiving with. I have had fun shopping with mom and watching the football game with dad! I have enjoyed relaxing and being home for sure!! I am excited because Camille and Marcos will be here tonight and we will do "Thanksgiving" with the Acosta's tomorrow. It will be great! Good thing I'm flexible...haha! I know I sound bitter I'm really not just stating how I feel about change over the holidays.

On another note....sorry I have stopped bloging! I'm back and will try to stay up with it. Lots of things are going on in my life now which are fun and exciting! I'm still loving school and my kids! I was so blessed this year with my job! I love living in Austin!! I have a new friend! I am still loving the church Erika and I are going to. Ashley Mize has been living with Jen and I and we love it! The holiday season is here which means crafts...crafts...crafts!!! I just need to make time for them!!

"it's all for the best"