Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 20th has past!

Camille and Marcos are now married and it is a great thing! We had such a great wedding week filled with many to do lists. Everyday we put a new list on the fridge of things that needed to be accomplished that day before we could do anything else. Our days usually started around 9:00 and went until midnight! The days were long but filled with fun!

Us Perry girls really wanted the wedding to be very personal and in our minds that ment we needed to do it all! So we made all the food from the cheese balls to the wedding cake, are grandmother's (Memom's famous chocolate balls), we designed all the paper products, invites, programs, wisdom cards, etc...and of course all the crafts, candles, table decor etc... because we did it ourselves that made us buisy all week! We got it all done though and we were all in one piece at the end. We had so many friends and family come in and help through out the week which made it so much more special and fun.

The thing I loved the most about this whole process of a wedding was realizing how blessed we are to have such amazing friends and family. We were so blessed to be raised in the church we were. UCC was not just a place we went to three times a week growing up but it was a place where we formed relationships with a community that is now our family! To see how many people supported Camille and Marcos and our families through this wedding was just incredible and just reminds me that life is such a blessing and that it's important to surround yourself with friends and family and take care of those you love.

So the wedding went great! Camille and Marcos are in Spain now and will come back and live in Euless, TX. Heather leaves in a week to move to Italy for two months to figure out parts of her future. Mom and Dad leave in a few weeks to go to Oxford for the summer. And I will be here in Austin. If anyone wants to come visit feel free. If anyone wants to go camping...Erika and I have a two bedroom tent screaming for some more campers to join us....I guess I need to find a job now b/c I don't have the excuse that I have to plan a wedding...now I need to focus on my life and my future...wish me luck!

Stay tuned for wedding pictures all I have right now are prewedding...preparation, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Graduation and Weddings

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Well Camille graduated from nursing school this weekend and it was great! Heather and I drove in late Friday night and I got to surprise Camille. She thought I was going to have to work but I tricked her!

Saturday was a long and exciting day! After graduation we drove to Ft.Worth for my cousin Donny's wedding and it was so fun b/c I got to see tons of my cousins!! My mom's side of the family is huge and we have a million cousins and we always have a blast together we range in age from 39 to 5! We were missing a few cousins which stunk but we got to see a few that we hadn't seen in over 7 years. It was a sweet and much needed reunion! I love my family and extended family so much, I'm obsessed with them actually! I just love that even though we are all so different and in so many different places in life, that when we get around each other that doesn't matter b/c we enjoy being with each other. I love that we have this connection with each other like no one else in the world. We are cousins and we have all experienced the loss of a grandfather and grandmother along with an uncle who left this world too soon. I love being around them and seeing different characteristics that come out in our personalities that we recognize as Granny or Paw-Paw or any of our aunts and uncles or each other. It's fun to have cousins and to have a big family that will love each other no matter what. It's neat to see how the Lord has worked through us over the years and to see how he has continued to bless our family's relationships. Being around all of my family this weekend made me so emotional (of course) and reminded me that we aren't perfect and that it's important to keep family close and love on them no matter what. I pray that the Lord continues to watch over the "Southern families" and our relationships and heals wounds and mends relationships that have been broken over the years.

Now this week is WEDDING WEEK! We have lots of fun things to do to get ready for the weekend and I hope I can stay calm! I can't wait to see all the great friends and family that are coming in!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is is me.....

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if I am so excited I might explode of if I'm flipping out because there is so much to do. I found this picture today when I was looking at Martha's website for ideas for a kid table for Camille's wedding and thought it was so funny and exactly how I felt right now! When planning a party/event I get so excited and my mind goes crazy with ideas and thoughts and I just get so anxious to get it done and put it on to see how it turns out! But of course through out the planning and while putting it together I start flipping out and wonder if it is going to turn out how we imagine...will the little things get done...will everyone get there jobs done before the day before... will it be what we all pictured? Then I get distracted and forget about the small things and get so excited again that I want to scream for joy...and then it's just a crazy cycle in my head of wanting to scream for joy and wanting to scream out of frustration! So this is a random blog but I just thought this picture was a great way to describe me and how I'm feeling about life right now.

P.S. If you ever want to throw a flower party or garden party isn't that the cutest way to make a flower to hang all around the party!!