Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why was I born in 1983...I would so have loved to dress like this...

Well it's the week before Spring Break and all of us teachers thought...we could either jump out the 2nd floor windows at our school or dress up each day of the week according to different themes...the windows were locked so here we are....Wednesday was 80's and we were loving our lives!


Well we ended our Fall semester with our 2nd Annual Faculty Follies...
"Let's go to to Hollywood!"

All my fun friends at school...dressed in our old prom dresses...haha..

My grade level did "Mama Bee-ya" we had so much fun!!!

My sweet friend Nikki got engaged at the end of the show! We were the directors of the show so we had spent a ton of time together leading up to the show and I had to keep it a secret for so long!!! I'm a good secret keeper!
Here is Josh and his little brother Zac...he was his freshman coach this year!
Oh my...who remembers these? I always wondered how my teachers made this's applesauce and cinnamon...who knew...they smell so good....these were our gifts for our parents!
All my kids made gingerbread fun are these!!! Tey kept trying to eat them.

All the Haug men at a Ranger basketball game ...we actually won!
That made our Holiday season bright!

Sweet baby cousin Anna!

Haug kid annual Christmas stair pic.

Josh and his buddies on New Years ...loving Rock Band! I'm actually really good at the drums!

My sweet friend Rach!!! I was so glad to see her and Drew over the break!

(For some reason I do not have pics of the rest of the family Christmas...I'll have to find those)

The Fall

That's a little glimpse into my late summer early fall. The next season to come...