Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have the "Plastics" in my class!

The Test
1. What's your favorite Color?
2. If you went to prom what would you wear?
3. If you had to pick a theme for a party what would it be?
4. If Logan (the kid in the class across the hall) asked you to be his girlfried what would you say?
5. Do you think the lead guy in Highschool Musical is cute?

If you do not answer 3 of the 5 questions right then you do not get to be apart of "The Angelz Club" Sorry.

Now if you got 3 out of the 5 right then you are IN, if you accept then you have to follow these rules:

*dress code
*be nice
*call each other on the phone

Dress code:
Monday- Free Day
Tuesday-Pink and White clothes with flip flops
Wednesdy-Free Day
Thursday- skirt with a blue or pink shirt and flip flops
Friday-school shirt with class hair-do

We have to walk in a straight line around at recess in a certain order and their are no exceptions to the order.

If you do not do these things then you are out!


I found out the girls in my class had started a club and this was all spelled out in their book....rules...diagrams of how they walk...and sign up lists! It was ridiculous and really funny! I figured something was up when they all had skirts on today and there was lots of whispering going on. I had to put a stop to that today. I took the girls outside and we talked out why this wasn't a good thing and how it's hurtful to those not included. I think they understood. They had all watched "Mean Girls" and were trying to imitate it...I was like, "don't you remember that the mean girl got hit by a car?" So I think we got it under control but I just thought it was soooo funny and out of control. I guess I shouldn't have started pigtail Friday a few weeks ago...I created monsters!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Kids blow my mind...where do they get things?

"Miss Perry if numbers go on for forever then where did we come from?"

What in the world? One of my kids asked this question after I was explaining that numbers go forever and ever. It apparently got his mind going in a completely different direction. I was so unprepared to answer this question but apparently the other kids in my class were not. I got responses like ... "God made us that's where we came from" ... "Yeah Adam and Eve had kids and then they had kids and so we came from them,so really we are all a family"... the boy then responded with " Well, ok but where did God come from?" A few of my kids were stumped but one said, " We don't know but that's who made us." Then they all looked at me...awesome...I was like "Well guys some people believe in God and they believe that He made us." They took that answer and then started talking about something completely different. Looking back maybe I should have said more...but at the time I think that was best.It was a funny question to begin with!

The girls in my class are adorable. They are such big helpers always wanting to help me, file, pass out papers, erase my board, and apparently find me a boyfriend. I had the class working on their TX symbols books around the room and one says, "Miss Perry do you have a boyfriend?" I said, "No!" they said, "Well Miss Perry we are going to get together and find you a boyfriend." I was like great. Erika predicts I will be getting some phone calls from their 14 and 16 year old brothers soon.So guys don't worry I'll be dating soon!

Just thought I would share some funny stories with yall! The last few weeks have been great! Last weekend I got to see so many of my bests (of course not all of them but I will be seeing those this weekend in Abilene!!) Then this past weekend I went to a Counting Crows concert which was GREAT! Lets see ...Jen and I had a fabulous guest for two weeks which we are sad b/c she has now left (Kenli we miss you!) I'm about to buy a car which is annoying but exciting I guess! That's it, my life in a paragraph.