Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jen's Wedding Events

Way over due!..... Such a fun few days!!!

UT vs A&M Annual Softball Game (July 4th)

For the past 5 years or so the Haug's and their friends have been playing softball every 4th of July. All the people playing have either gone to A&M or UT or are just a die hard fan of one or the other. It was a good thing that the UT team won this year! We were a bit worried about the evening event taking place ... Josh takes this game very seriously! It worked out just fine!!!

Flower Party (July 3rd)

This was the day before the wedding. We meet at Dee's house and put together all our bouquets along with put together the yellow puff balls! It was so much fun! I loved the flowers! It was so neat for all the bouquets to be unique to each person that made them! I loved the flowers! My favorite were the Billy Balls! They are so fun!

Just for your information...

One thing I love about blogging is that it helps me keep record of all the things that have been going on in my life. I always want to post things in order and I get stressed out when I can't document it all. So all that to say I will be back tracking for a few blogs so I can put up stuff from this summer till now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Living is right...

Well I guess I have done a lot of LIVING and forgot to blog about it!!!

Let's see 6 months later I've...

* worn a white dress and danced the night away
* flown on a plane and become a beach bum
* decided it would be a good idea to teach 7 year olds instead of 9year olds???
* am learning how to love someone more than myself
* started throwing ingredients together to make something called a meal
* have figured out throwing a ball made out of pigskin is a very time consuming sport
* and decided I will never celebrate another fall without a fairytale pumpkin or a pumpkin tree

I am loving life and loving living it! What a whirlwind the last 6 months have been. I feel overwhelmed at the thought of catching up so I think I will just post a few pics and let them do the talking. (I can never get them in the order I want :( and I don't have my computer so these are the only ones I can post off Josh's computer...I'll post more once I get my comp back)

I also need to give a shout out to Moriah!! She volunteered to redo my blog to give me a boost to get blogging again! Thanks MoMo! I'll post "girl weekend" pics soon!!

I'm back!!!