Friday, October 12, 2007


I just got back from a wonderful weekend with my old roomies!!! It was so much fun to catch up and hang out. Mary Beth came in from Birmingham for work and Linds and I drove in to see her and Becca. We just got to relax, layout, watch football, and EAT! Mary Beth brought some of the most ridiculous pictures from when were in High School...I wish I had some to post b/c they were hilarious. It was so much fun to go down memory lane with her. I had braces throughout all of High embarrassing...haha..thanks Mare for not being too embarrassed to hang out with me!

Here are some fun pics from the weekend! We also got to meet up with one of my teacher friends, Emily. She was in town and she got to meet all the girls!

I promise I'm not pregnant in this might be deceiving....apparently that shirt isn't as flattering as I thought... :)