Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am loving life!

Oh my gosh I love being a teacher! Seven months ago if you asked me what I would be doing now teaching would have been at the bottom of my list maybe not even on it! Which is shocking considering that is what I got my degree in but I got soooo EXCITED about event planning I couldn't see beyond that dream! I still would love to do that one day or incorporate that into my life along with teaching but I could not be more excited to be where I am now. Who knew a little conversation Erika and I had at Chick-Fil-A would have changed my life! I love my school district...I love my team of teachers...and I love my kids!

We started school this last Wednesday and it was so Fun! I wasn't nervous at all I was so excited! I think some of my kids were scared of me b/c I was squealing as they entered the classroom! I have made my classroom look like a beach (I will try to post pics later)and they love it! They all want to sit under my yellow and white beach umbrella and read! They love to listen to Jack Johnson's Curious George sound track as they hang out during the day! I have a great class I think....Miss Perry has had to pull a few to the side already and let them know who was incharge! I think it will be a great year though!

I have one funny story I want to share real fast ...our principal's son is in the fourth grade classroom across the hall and she was asking him how he liked fourth grade. He was like "I love Mrs. Sharrock (his teacher) so much and my class .." ...and his mom was like what else do you like..and he was like "Also Miss. Perrywinkle across the hall..she has these big diamond earrings that are like the size of her teeth" principal thought it was so funny out of everything he could have said about fourth grade ...he commented about Miss Perrywinkles was so funny! Those of you who have not seen my earrings they are quit bling bling...I love them! Kids say and think the funniest things!

I love living here in Austin...I've been here seven months and I can not believe it! Erika and I were talking today about how we finally feel like we LIVE here now and feel apart. We have been going to this church where we have made some friends and are really starting to feel apart of a community! This one family has really just adopted us and made us feel so welcome and accepted and it is so nice! I love being apart of a Christian community that is so supportive and encouraging!

God is good and I have been reminded of that so much through what he has been doing with my life! He has reminded me of this passion I have for kids and helped place me in the most perfect place for me to grow and be used to glorify Him. He has placed various people in my path to support and guide me and I am so thankful for that! I feel like He has answered prayers with things above and beyond what I could have imagined I would have wanted for myself. What an awesome God we serve and I pray I serve Him daily and glorify Him in all I do!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Ranchers


I finally got a job and I am now a 4th grade teacher in Leander ISD at Rutledge Elementary! I am so excited! It all happened so slow but yet so fast. I have waited ALL summer for this one interview and I finally got it last week! I was then passed on to the principal of this school and had my interview yesterday! She hired me on the spot! My principal is so great and the staff that I have met are great as well! I will work with 3 other teachers right now, we may be adding a 4th once school starts. I love this district and the community that it strives to be!

I have been reminded this past week how important it is to remain calm and trust that the Lord WILL take care of me! I had been pretty calm all summer when thinking about my job, but last week about this time my mind started to flip out...what if I don't get a job?...where will I work? will I pay my bills? ...I don't want to have to look else where..? Now I have to buy a new car and that stinks b/c that wasn't my am I going to pay for that....All these thoughts were going through my head and then Erika called me and told me that she had meet my principal that day and she still needed teachers and was going to get the ball rolling so she could interview me. I started bawling (shocker) b/c I thought they had just forgotten about me. I was reminded the Lord never forgets it is just in his timing not mine! I just cried b/c I felt so bad that I had doubted that the Lord would take care of me and I allowed myself to worry. The Lord has put multiple people in my path this summer that had I not met I would not have gotten this job. This one man I met at the church Erika and I have been attending is in charge of hiring all the principals in Leander so he worked really hard to get me the interview and job. He has been such a blessing! I was blown away by this man b/c he barely even knows me and he went out of his way to help me get this job. It's so nice to be taken care of by fellow Christians!

So all that to say...the Lord is good and I now have a job and it started today! We started new teacher training today and I will be in training for the next two weeks! It's so fun because Erika is in this same district so we will be able to go through the training together!!

Now it's time for me to decorate my room!!! I can't wait I think I want it to be a beach theme...with lots of pink flamingos, sailboats, and a big yellow and white striped umbrella...don't worry I will for sure post pictures of my room once it is done! My kids are not going to be sad summer is over b/c they will get to go to the beach EVERYDAY!