Saturday, March 24, 2007


I feel like that word describes my life at this time. If you are like me you sometimes have a hard time seeing into the future and seeing how life can be better. Erika and I have talked about this a few times and how we want every stage in life to be the best. When I left ACU I thought..were those the best years of my life? At the time I thought they were and thought how can I find friends as good as the ones I had there? How can I create experiences like the ones we had during those years? What will the years to come look like, who will be in my life, and will I be as happy?

Well most of you already knew this (and knew I would figure it out....eventually haha!) but there is life after college and its GREAT! I love being a teacher and I love living in this big city. I love being challenged by the world and deciding why I believe the things I do. I love that I am surrounded with people who are different from me and learning from them. I love that my friends from growing up and ACU are still my life long friends and that those relationships have not changed much. I love that the Lord provided me with a community here with friends that are just as great as my others. I love that I have met Josh and that he is now a consistant part of my life here. I am thankful that we have a God who is so gracious and so loving!

I was reminded how blessed I am this past weekend when a ton of us reunited at some dear friends' wedding!

Yellow beads, polk-a-dot dressess, childhood friends, college reunion, bride and groom what could make a weekend better? I was sad not to get to visit more with everyone but was so glad to have almost everyone I loved in one place!!