Friday, February 24, 2006

Saturday Shower...SIGGIES....Sing Song...Sunday Sadness

Well a WONDERFUL Abilene weekend come and gone.

We had Camille's girly shower this weekend which was so fun! I love being a girl and I love when tons of girls are in the same room at the same time and get to act like girls! This shower was so great b/c everyone we love or have impacted and been apart of Camille's life were there..(minus a few we knew who wouldn't be coming in for sing song which were missed) It was a great start for a great weekend! Of course I loved decorating it with pink and green and polka-dots!

Siggies/Sing Song
I will not go into all the Sing Song drama go read...Austin...Cassie..and Jen's blogs and you will know exactly what happened and pretty much how I feel about it all as well!

I will not lie, though I probably was a little too emotional about the whole event. I'm not sure if it's a problem that the little penguins brought tears to my eyes not once but multiple times through out the night ...the first time was when they opened their little orange beaks and began to sing and they ROCKED the stage and then the second time was when I saw all them walking down the hall with awful looking sing song faces after the shock of the results...I took the results a little too personal at first, VOCALS ....give us fourth in costumes...or originality...or props (which were all amazing as well) but VOCALS that was ridiculous and it hurt my stomach to see the girls after that announcement that's what we work the most on and feel the best about and are good at. They all handled it so well which made me so proud to be a siggie and proud of them! Our girls knew they had a GREAT show and knew they didn't need the judges to prove that to them...they worked hard and had great attitudes. I loved what our sponsor Linda Wallace said on the scene before the show.."our girls prepare in a unique way for this show" and that's true and that's why we can win or loose and still be ok! No one will understand that though except us and that's fine! I love Sing Song.... I love Sing Song Face ...and I love Siggies!

Sunday sadness
It's so sad when everyone has to leave. I love Kenli's blog about Abilene and ACU and how fabulous it is and how great it will be to come back year after year. I know I'm from Abilene so it's a little different for me but I am out in the real world now and get to go "home" to Abilene and I love it! I was sad to leave and sad not to be able to see all my friends more. I wish we could all live in the same city again...... and have fun themed parties.....and stay up late and skip class (not work)....and go to clyde's pizza...and eat cookie monsters every night...and go to intramural games for hours every night plus a ton of other things as well! But I do love life after college and I do love the friends I have here in I wasn't sad for a long time just a little! I'm ok with the reunions at Sing Song and Homecoming and random others in between...they get me rejuvenate until the next!

What a GREAT weekend of friends and memories!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

mrs. perry meet ms. perry

well i am the librarian at austin elementary school in abilene right now! my mom had some surgery this past month and i'm filling in for her as the lrc specialist! what fun! it actually has been great so far. the kids think it's so fun to call me ms. perry and let me know that the other librarian's name was mrs. perry too...even though they do understand that it's my mom. they are cute. it's fun to see my kids from last semester but it's weird not having jev here to see in the halls everyday.

this week i have been reading this book about rosa parks to all the older kids which is so cool and i learned a lot myself from the's weird to go from that book with fifth grade to my FAVORITE book "if you give a pig a party" with the kindergarten classes. Completely different moods and tones but both books are winners!

one little girl who was checking out a book yesterday said, "i have to go to the doctor today" i was like, "oh what for?" she leaned in and whispered..."you see i have a uterus around my belly button and i've had it since i was born and they need to look at it" i was so confused...i think she thinks she is the only person in the world with this "uterus thing" was so funny!

anyway it's been fun so far. i think i'm getting a little cold which is no good...i've gone to bed the past two nights at 10:00 WHAT? i never go to bed that early...that's how i know i'm coming down with something! don't worry i'm drinking tons of orange juice.