Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I tried to get crazy and change up my blog ... now I'm stuck with two yellows that don't really work well...I have no clue what to do... I changed the background but can NOT get anything else to work...I'm not really even sure how I changed the my blog is stuck like this till someone can tell me what to do!!! I'll take any advice!

Monday, April 19, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

So I have never really liked dogs...

I'm afraid of them when they jump on me. They stink. They shed. They bark. They cost money. They don't always pee and poop where they are supposed to. They definitely take time and money and can be a hassle... BUT I HAVE NEVER LOVED SOMETHING MORE!!!(Besides my sweet Josh) We got a dog on Christmas Eve and I am so in love with her that I can not handle it. It is amazing how much I do not care that she sheds, that she has stinky breath, that she will bark for no reason, that she cries when we don't give her attention or that she sometimes mistakes our rugs for grass! She has brought so much joy to our little family. We have had so much fun with her. I also like other people's dogs now...which is a good thing!

Who couldn't love this face?

Now that Camille and Marcos are home from NYC we are having a blast watching all the dogs play ... they are out of control. They have a Sheltie named Oliver and a Yorkie named Maxwell. The three dogs are so different and really funny to watch! Here are a few pics on our way to Abilene this past weekend!

Spring is here ...the sky is blue...

There is something about the spring that just makes you want to get out there and do things... everyday I have wanted to try something new. I've been trying new recipies (those of you who know me know I don't really cook) but this woman
is changing my life. Who knew that if someone would just put a recipe in picture form it would be so much more fun for me to do! I've made salsa, breakfast potatoes, cornbread (with my cast iron skillet), and her blackeyed pea salsa. I feel like the girl in Julie and Julia I want to make everything that The Pioneer Woman has ever made! We will see how far I get doing that! Here is a picture of my salsa I made delicious!

I've also been inspired by the wonderful spring weather to do outdoor projects my list consist of:
1. pulling weeds
2. mowing and all that goes with that
3. planting Zennias in my front garden from seeds...still waiting on those to grow

4. Josh and I made our first flower bed

5. My sweet husband built me an above ground vegetable garden!!! This is my very favorite thing! The only thing that is a bummer is that after Camille and I planted our tomato, bell pepper, okra, and green bean seeds we realized it will take 60-72 days to get an actual vegetable!!! What in the world why does it take so long?? Whatever, we will see what happens. I knew it wouldn't grow overnight but I was not prepared for 72 days of waiting! I think Camille and I are going to head to the farmer's market this weekend to help fill our void for veggies while we are waiting for ours to grow!

Now we have to still put our vegetable labels in there and find some way to keep the dogs out! Otherwise we are done and are just WAITING!

6. Another fun addition to our backyard is a gift from my dad! He so graciously donated some blackberry bushes and we are so excited!! My dad thinks it is quite humorous b/c I was the daughter who HATED to pick blackberries the MOST! Every May all three of us girls had to join our father outside after dinner to pick blackberries. I HATED picking them. It was always hot and my hands would get all scratched up by the thorns. I also felt like I was in the book "Blueberries for Sal" I picked a berry then ate a berry. So by the end of picking I never had as many blackberries as my sisters! It was all worth it though b/c our mom would create the most delicious blackberry cobbler from our pickings and it did make for some very memorable Mays. Now I'm excited to have them in my backyard!

7. Another little project Josh and I took on was making an entertainment center. I have had this idea in my head of what I've wanted but wasn't finding it anywhere. I finally decided that I could make it myself if I found the right dresser! I found it and I love it. Josh and I found this OLD dresser on Craig's list for $15 it looked rough but I felt confident that we could transform it into everything I'd been dreaming of! Ha Ha! So here is the before picture...

We sanded it ... painted it... and made some shelves I know it isn't quite up to Pottery Barn's standard but it works for me!!!

There are two doors that we haven't decided if we should put back on yet or not in the background. I do love them but the speakers fit so nicely there??? Anyway I also have a super cute teal screen door to hang above the TV... that is a project my sweet love will have to do!

So there are a handful of things that I have scratched off my Spring To Do list...there are many more to come! I love Spring and I love Projects!!! I wish I was this motivated and productive with every change of season!