Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"I think it is quite possible that I am falling for you..."

So for those of you who do not know.. Josh and I got engaged on Friday night!!! It was an incredible night. Josh was so thoughtful and so sweet about everything. He had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to go on a date that week. I had been begging him to take me to the Trail of Lights at Zilker park. He never wanted to go b/c of the crowds and having to park...blah blah...but he finally gave in and wanted to go.(Here is Josh in his awesome parking spot really close to the park....that he never thought he would find..haha!!)

So he picked me up on Friday and we headed to Ztejas, this is the restaurant that we had gone to on our first date. We had a wonderful dinner outside and then headed to Zilker Park to see the lights. Once we got to the park we walked around looking at the lights for awhile and then we went to "the spot." This is a place that Josh had also taken me to on our first date. This place overlooks Town Lake and you can see the reflection of all the lights of downtown on the lake. It is so beautiful! So we sat down there and Josh started being real sweet. He told me he had an early Christmas present for me and pulled out a bible. He began to read from 1 John and then had me finish it up. As I was reading he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He then showed me that the Bible had my new name on it, Rosalyn Haug.
I was so excited I kept saying, "we are getting married, we are getting married!!!" We then went and saw the big tree of lights and then headed to his parents' house. On the way up there I kept asking a million questions, "do my parents know? does Camille know? How did you ask my dad? Can I call them?...etc..." before I could do any of those things we arrived at his parents house. There were tons of cars on the street and he brushed it off saying there must be a big Christmas party going on. I of course was thinking too much about everything else to worry about all the cars. Little did I know Josh had prepared a surprise party with our family and friends!! I flipped out .....I walked in and the first person I saw was Camille...I of course got ugly cry face and didn't let go of Josh for 5 mins. It was so awesome...all the people here in Austin that Josh and I love were there to celebrate with us. I was so blown away that Josh had planned all of this for me. He knows me so well to know that I would want to celebrate with everyone!! It was such a wonderful night!!! ( Here are my sweet friends the Petersons. I work with Vikkie and the little girl in the brown is Kaitlyn and she is in my class at school! I love this family! It was so special for them to be there!)

( The A-Team)

( Here are some of the girls that were there! )

( This is Josh and his brother Kendal)

I'll post more pictures later but my brother-in-law has them with him in Russia! He even has a recording of Josh and I telling the story to everyone at the's so funny! So maybe I'll figure out a way to add that on! We don't know when the wedding will be yet...we are hoping for the 4th of July weekend!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Dear Christian College we love you....

A few weekends ago a few of us met up in Dallas to have a little Christmas party at the Couchman's. It was so fun to see old friends and all to be in one place again. It stinks how busy everyone's lives get once we get into the "Real World." It was nice to catch up and remember old times. Here are a few pictures from that night!

Friday, December 14, 2007

6 inches of Snow on Thanksgiving

So this Thanksgiving I got to go home and Josh went with me. We got to spend some time with my dad's side of the family on Wednesday night out in the country. On Thursday we woke up to sleet outside our window and the Macy's Day Parade on TV. Josh was so thrilled to watch that instead of football. I don't think he realized that in an all girl family you watch the parade with girls kicking their legs in sync with music rather than boys kicking balls through goal posts. We ended up compromising don't worry! The rest of the day was spent with the Acosta's (Camille's in-laws) eating Turkey, watching football, and sitting by the fire! It doesn't get any better.

So the sleet I mentioned, ended up turning into HUGE snowflakes that came all day and stuck. It was so beautiful. For those of you who know my mom know that this made her very happy. The next few pictures are of Rose twirling in the snow! She loved her life that day.

By the end of the day we had almost 6 inches of snow. It was so beautiful. Josh and I drove around Abilene and I showed him all the old stomping grounds. Aka...ACU...our Campus Ct. House...UCC...The White House...intramural fields...etc. I wish I had taken pics of all the snow that was everywhere is our backyard around 4:00. Well this is a post way over due...just wanted to throw it out there before all the Christmas ones begin!

Faculty Follies 07

So my school decided this year that we were going to put on a talent show to raise money for our book room. Some teachers thought it was a great idea while others wanted to abort immediately. I of course was one of the teachers who was ecstatic about the whole idea and decided to volunteer to be on the committee and help co-direct it. No one at school was surprised at all about my involvement considering the grass routine I had performed last year infront of my whole faculty. I guess they figured a young girl who thinks dressing up in a grass costume waving her arms around on a stage singing in harmony (and enjoyed it) was crazy enough to organize a group of 60+ women/men in a faculty talent show.

At first we were going to make the show directed towards bedtime stories b/c we were raising money for the book room. Some teams stuck with that theme while others did whatever. It all worked!

Once the night came we decided on the theme of ..."Let's go to the Movies"....we started the show off with Daddy Warbucks and Annie coming down the isle towards stage while all the faculty dressed in black waving flashlights around the room with that song playing. It was so cool...I started crying watching the kid's faces through the opening. I think it shocked the kids that their teachers had put so much time and effort into this. Here is the stage minus the NY City buildings that were on stage. ( I forgot to take the pictures that night so these are the following week when some stuff was gone and moved )
Here is one of the popcorn boxes I made and put in the foyer along with hundreds of stars and a ticket booth. I was telling Erika this performance was the Siggie Cinema I never got to decorate for. I have had these dreams of popcorn boxes, scene counters (I don't know if that's what they are called but it's that thing in the first picture), and movie film decorations since Senior year. I know that is ridiculous but I wanted to decorate that rush with this stuff and didn't get the opportunity to do so. Now was my time! Haha! Again I didn't get a good pic of this foyer all put together. :(
Ok, so my team decided to dress up like the leader girl characters in the most popular story books in Elementary. We painted the cover of our books and then used them as our props. We placed our books on stage and jumped out of our books when the music started! We danced to the song Fabulous, from High School musical. The kids went crazy. It was so fun! Here are our pics of our books. I was Junie B Jones!!!

Every grade level did something and they all turned out so cute! The finale was all the faculty dancing around to another High School Musical song, We are All in this Together. A few of us learned the dance from the movie and danced around in b ball jerseys. It was so fun! The whole thing went better than we ever thought. We ended up selling 681 tickets and raised over $3000 it was awesome!!! I was in HEAVEN organizing all of it! I laugh b/c sometimes I think I learned more about organizing people making props and embracing my creative side at ACU than I did about teaching children. I totally felt like I was back in College preparing for Sing Song and I loved every min. of it! It was a hit and I think it's on for next year! I can't wait!