Friday, November 25, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Joshua Leif Haug... the most perfect father for our Little Miss Bell!!! I am so thankful that he has been my partner through this new adventure of parenthood! Happy 1st Father's Day my love!!!

We are also so blessed to have 3 wonderful Grandfathers to love on Isabella! We are so thankful for these men and their influence in our lives and our sweet little one's!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Miss

My sweet friend Cassie came in to take the sweetest little pictures of Bell and I L.O.V.E them!! She also designed the cutest thank you note/birth announcement for me! (I'm actually finally sending these out this week) So here is a peak at the announcement and the photo shoot!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blair/Watts Wedding

So we came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon and a VERY important wedding was the next day! Not only for the last 9 months had we been waiting for Little Bell to come but also for Kyle and Erika's wedding! I kept having little talks with Bell about how we needed to be there and she needed to come early or super late! It didn't work out exactly like I hoped but we did get to be there!!! We missed a few of the events but we got to be at the ceremony! We drove up on Saturday afternoon just in time for a few pictures, a walk down the isle, and to visit with a few friends. Josh kept Bell in quarintine so we didn't have hundreds of people touching our 3day old:) It was a great evening and I was soooooo glad that we could be there! I just couldn't miss this special day!

2 months ago...

....I had a baby!!! She is the most precious little thing!! I can NOT believe that two months have already come and gone! I feel like there is so much I need to catch up on!! Where to start???

Let's see...first I guess I should start with her birth...

Bell decided that she loved my tummy just a little too much...she was not wanting to come out on her own so a week late we went to the hospital to start the induction proces

As you can see I was rather LARGE at this point! People were convinced I was having twins...(really it was just a 9.9lb baby)... We got to the hospital that night and they gave me some medicine to help me "ripen" a bit to be ready for the induction the next morning. We had some friends and family come up and hang out to pass the time!
I was feeling great the whole evening and apparently having contractions the whole time...I wasn't feeling them and was loving life! I was so excited that I wasn't able to sleep so the nurse gave me a sleeping pill around 1am and then I finally passed out! About 3 or 4 I was starting to feel the contracts but it still wasn't terrible... Josh was passed out so I thought I would just breathe through them on my own for my sleeping pill would just knock me out in between contractions so I was ok. About 5ish they started to be pretty intense though so I woke Josh up and told him I needed my coach! When the nurses came to check me I had progressed enough that I didn't have to be induced anymore!! The medicine from the night before had put me into labor!! I was so glad about that! So for the next hour or so I had contractions and finally I got my lovely shot! That was like heaven!! I was still feeling my sleeping pill so the next few hours were very fuzzy for me...I pretty much slept till we needed to push 4 hours later! When I woke up I was 9cm and they were ready to get started! It was really special b/c Josh and I had Camille stay in the room with us and it was just such a great experience to have her with us! Camille and Josh both were the best partners for each other and me during it all!! We pushed for about an hour and a half...and when I say "we" I mean the nurse had to tell Josh to stop pushing b/c she didn't want to have to pick him off the floor if he passed out! It was pretty funny..I would be pushing and my nurse would be watching Josh to make sure he didn't pass out...he was just real intense ...haha! Miss Bell finally made her arrival at 2:02 9.9lbs 22 1/4 in long !!!
We only got to see her for a min and then they had to take her to the nursery b/c they needed to monitor her for awhile. She had swallowed a lot of fluid so Josh went with her and I stayed to finish up :) About 3 hours later I got to move to my new room and got to meet up with Bell and Josh again. We had so many friends and family waiting ALL day for sweet Bell so we were all in the room when she finally got to come back!

The next few days we had lots of friends and family around loving on us and sweet Isabella! We went a family of two and left a family of three! I really can't imagine life without Little just seems perfect now!