Friday, July 21, 2006

The Real World

Sometimes I love it and like to embrace it but other times I want to go back to second grade. That's when my mom packed my lunch with the PBJ sandwich, cheetos, swiss cake rolls and a banana...set out my clothes and paid for my clothes...I wish my mom could still put my hair in pigtails or french braids and I would just run out the door..I want my parents to drive me around to basetball practice, to get a cajun cone, and take care of all the car stuff. Life use to be so simple!

Well this week I had to grow up a little ... I hate "taking care" of my car...I just feel so absent minded about it and can not remember to do things..I don't understand cars so I think that's why I do not care. It all started Sat night when my car got hit over night! I was at Linds and brent's with Erika we had just had such a fun night with friends and I had to awake to my poor car, it had been smashed! The girl left her number and all so that was good but poor little red honda. This is the second time she has been hit this year neither were her fault!

Anyway no big deal got the insurance stuff called they say they will take care of it...blah blah blah. Well that's great! Well on Wednesday morning I wake up to a huge orange sign on my car saying YOUR CAR WILL BE TOWED ON THURSDAY MORNING IF YOU DO NOT GET YOUR TAGS UPDATED!! Tags? What does that mean? So I look at them and sure enough my inspection sticker had expired in MARCH!!! Great I'm an idiot...but what can I tail light is smashed in it's not going to pass inspection. I flipped out and my dad is out of the country so he can't help ... what is a girl to do without a dad at that I call Cody and Marcos and they helped me figure it all out. Apparently the big deal is that my apt complex doesn't want the complex to look trashy with broken down cars in it...(well I'm not going to leave my car broken..I'm trying to fix it) Whatever...we got it straighten out but now I can not get hold of the insurance's a mess and this is when I hate the Real World and I wish my dad took care of my car and I wished I just lived close enough to all my friends where I could ride my bike to see them! It use to be so easy!