Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just call me J Lo

Well this weekend I went to Dallas to be the Wedding Coordinator for a new friends wedding! It was quite the experience! I didn't fall in love with the groom don't you worry. I did do lots of the other things JLo did though. It is crazy the amount of things that go into making sure a two day event goes smoothly. This was a pretty big wedding! We had the rehearsal dinner in Deep Elum at this mexican place, the wedding at the Perkins Chapel on SMU campus and then the reception at a ballroom in downtown Dallas. It was all beautiful and went perfectly. I learned so much about what types of communication goes on between the various wedding venues (dj, photographer, caterers, ballroom director, and chaplain)I was incharge of all of that which was quite overwhelming at first! It went over great and lots of people were surprised that it was my first wedding so that was very encouraging! I definitely can see myself doing that as a profession eventually so that's exciting!

The weekend was also great because I got to spend some good time with Brent, Linds, Linds B, Cody and Emily which was just great!I'm glad to be back in Austin ...Oh I got another part time job working at Bath and Body Works in the Aboretum! I'm so excited I think it will be fun!! It's such a cheerful happy place...I think I will like it there!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Good Things March 2006

Well I have clearly not followed through with my theme for my blog as well as I would have I'm coming back and committing from this day forward not to forget about Martha Stewart's magazines..(not herself) but the themes of them and how they apply so perfectly to my life right now.


Well I am still working at Brentwood in the afternoons and I love it. I'm with K-2nd for the first hour or so and then my 3rd-6th graders come in and we do "study hall." I like this age group of kids b/c they do not TADDLE as much...they can carry on a fun conversation with you...and they can remember that my name is Ms. Perry not Ms. Henley. (The little ones have trouble with that sometimes). It's fun to be in a school environment and not have to be the teacher all day!

Well my new goal when it comes to food is when I go to the grocery store I need to buy one thing at least from each food group and then every day eat one thing from every food group. The hard thing to remember is that chocolate chip cookies are not a food group and it's important for me not to make them multiple times a week. My last batch I botch up so maybe that will teach me!!

Living (Sewing 101)
Well in the arts and craft world of Rosalyn Perry I have moved in a new direction. Yes that is right I am now making clothes. After watching Project Runway I decided it was time for me to make my own collection of clothes...well atleast one skirt...which I did and conquered in about 8 hours...yes it took forever but the final product is GREAT I think! I wore it yesterday and loved it! My next project is making curtains for Jen and my apt...more to come on that...

Body and Soul
Well lately I've been talking to a few of my friends about how great God is. Right now so many of us are in a place of uncertainty with jobs, relationships, where to live and not to live, where to go to church, what to do when family members are sick and their are scares of cancer or heart failure. Life throws so much at us that we just can not handle it alone. One of my friends commented on how it's not surprising how many people just end their lives b/c of this or that...when you do not have the Lord what is there to live for. Who gives you peace...who reminds you there is life after deaths or life after break ups or life after college who gives you confidence in your gifts and talents to go find a job or peace to know you'll figure out how to use those gifts somehow..who reminds you that you are not alone...who surrounds you with fabulous families and friends...who is it that feeds you with little blessings throughout the days or blessed are we! We forget so often how lucky we are to have a God who is so loving and so patient and so strong...this week I was reminded to stand back and look at life and think HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! And of course I cried b/c He is.

Well a few little blessings have been thrown my way since I've been here in Austin. I volunteered with the Red Cross this past month and a half. I assisted their event planner in putting together a Heroes Celebration fundraiser. We had over 300 people there and raised lots of money for the red cross. It was a great event and I learned so much about event planning and working for a non-profit. I also became good friends with the event planner and now she has asked me to be her Wedding Coordinator for her wedding that is coming up in the next month. I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I'm also going to be Cody's sister Cayce's coordinator for her wedding in the fall which will be so great b/c I'll get to be on the majority of the planning which will be so fun! So things are opening up for me in the event world...slowly but surly and I'm excited!!!

Do not worry I won't go through every category each time I blog just this time to catch you up!