Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here is a little sneak peak into the room...

Well the room is almost done. Just a few more thing here and there and we should be set! We have had so much fun getting it all ready! My sweet husband has been so wonderful to let me be creative and do my thing in the room. Josh and his buddy Tim put up the chair railing and we of course painted the room yellow and white :) I was a bit nervous about the "custard" color but it turned out great!

This sweet little dresser came from Dee and we just painted it pink and added these little knobs! I love the knobs b/c they are roses!!
Here is my fun birdcage with a little homemade bird that Heather made for Isabella :) and my highchair that I thought might be fun to actually use but I really like it in her room as decor instead! Also there is a little quilt you can see in the background that my mom and Heather made! I love it!

Here is a little thing we made from some knobs from Anthro ...I love the roses! There is our little changing area with the super cute rose tile above that Josh's sweet sister made for us!
This area still needs a bit of work but you can get the idea! I'm collecting the letter "I" to put all over the room and still have a few to find a home for on the wall! There you can see Isabella's coming home outfit! It will be March Madness so she will be wearing home her little Longhorn onesie :) That's also a little dresser we painted...that Lisa gave us...I wish I had a close up of the knobs.. I L.O.V.E them...they are the originals and have little flowers on them!
Here is her's kind of a hodge podge and I love it! My mom made the skirt out of some of my favorite Anna Maria Horner fabric...then I found that polka-dot sheet at target ..and then the Erwins got us the pink minkey bumper pad! I think it goes just perfect with our old school Jenny Lind crib!!
Then last but not least here is a chalkboard we made to put above the crib! I love the verse..Josh helped me pick it out and I think it is perfect for our little one!
So there is a little sneak peak into Isabella Rose's room! It really has been so fun to piece everything together! It makes me so happy to walk in there...I'm just ready for there to be a little girl in there too!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

rain drops keep falling on my head...

My School Shower

I have a cute little video from my school shower but I couldn't get it to load. My sweet assistant principle Mr. Forgey made the cutest little slide show/movie. Quite a few of the pictures are not my best side but what can you do's the last month ...let the swelling begin!

Josh and I have been apart of a new church plant this fall and they all through us a shower! It was so thoughtful!

I also had a "girlfriend shower" that was just so fun! So many friends came to shower us with love and support!! Everything was so cute and fun! I love being a girl!

Well the last few weeks we have just been showered over and over with wonderful gifts for our sweet Isabella! Everyone has been so wonderful to support us and bless us with the little necessities and spoil us with the sweetest little girl things! There are just some of the sweetest little things out there these days! We have just been so blessed by all our friends and family and are feeling so overwhelmed with love and support!