Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Me and Mopac

I was driving in my car today real fast down Mopac and my mind was going miles a my mouth usually is. Anyway, I was thinking about what the HECK I am doing here in Austin and what the HECK am I going to do with my life? Which direction should I go with a job?...How much should I volunteer?...Is it crazy to volunteer when I do not have a job? Does my job really need something to do with events or can it be whatever so I can pay bills? Will Brandi ever pay me? If she did then this? If she doesn't then this? Should I go home for a few weeks and sub for mom? or do I need to stay and look for a job? Why does this station keep playing all the same songs over and over? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

now I'm fine ...and I'm calm...and here is what's going on in my life....

As everyone knows I want to do event planning. I want to be apart of some company that throws HUGE events with tons of decorations, flowers, color, themes or I want to help with weddings...I want to learn how to do the flower arrangements, make the bouquets, decorate a reception or rehearsal dinner. I also wouldn't mind working for a hotel or big business doing dinners or even helping out a private event planner as her side kick. I will do whatever leads me to more knowledge of this industry and gives me experience. I want to use my gifts and use my creativity to add something to an event. To make an atmosphere in some venue that people gasp when they see. Something that brings some type of joy to someone else. I want to learn about all the behind the scenes work...all the grunt stuff...all the crap no one wants to do or know about. I want to do that!

I told myself when I moved to Austin that no matter what I did it had to some way prepare me or teach me about events. So I have researched and researched and looked and looked. I am not qualified which I knew (I got a degree in Elementary Education duh). So I have decided the best way for me to learn about that stuff and be more qualified is to volunteer. So I am and I'm so excited! I'm going to help the Red Cross event planner plan this big dinner/reception for all the heros of the Austin area! I'm also in contact with a woman who needs help planning a fashion show to raise money for children in Ethiopia with HIV. She has done many events and parties and I think I could learn a lot from her. The third thing is still pending but I may get to help with the special events at South by South West in March. That would be so great!

So things are opening up for me and I'm sooo excited but the down side is volunteering doesn't bring in any money. Now that's a problem. So now I'm looking for a job...any doesn't even have to do with events. So that's where I am. I love being in Austin and I love living with Jen. It's been so great to see my sister so much and Cassie and Austin. I just need a job ( I do have a part time job with Cas which I love but I need more work) . I know one will come just pray for my patience. I know I will be taken care of I always am. I know I have supportive friends and family and I have all the important things in life. A job is a job and I will find one.

Sorry this blog is more like a novel...I just haven't written in so long and so much is going on in my little head!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Austin, Texas

This is my new home and I'm sooo excited!!!!! Jen and I moved in this past weekend! We love our new place. I'm working with Cassie at Brentwood part time and I'm looking for another job! I love's so alive and fun!!! Obviously so different from Abilene, not better just different...I think I was ready for a big town. I'm already finding my way around pretty well, which is abnormal since I still didn't even know all the street names in Abilene. Anyway I love being I just need a job! I'll find one though!! I love Austin!