Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Christmas and Camping

Well here are the long awaited pictures of Christmas throwing up in my room and the outdoors coming inside! I thought I had more pictures of my room at Christmas but my kids are in all of them. I'm not sure how their parents would feel about me putting their child on the web for everyone to see. So just tassel bows hung on door frames....Lights hung in no strategic fashion...snowflakes hung by purple yarn (it didn't match at all but is all I had) one afternoon when I ran out of activities to do for math I turned decorating our room into a math lesson..."If each of you make 3 snowflakes and we hang them how many snowflakes are there in all?" It was a stretch but my room got decorated and my kids learned what 3 times 16 was...haha!

This past week we had our first TAKS test and we survived! For those of you who do not know the Writing TAKS is a big deal in 4th grade so we were all pretty stressed about it. The week before we did a whole unit on writing that we called "Camp Write Along" it was AWESOME! As you can see we put up tents and made pretend fires. The kids got to camp out all week and write stories. We ate s'mores, trail mix and sang camp songs!!! At the end of the day we would sit around the campfire and read the kid's stories! It was soooo cool! I think it got the kids really pumped up about the TAKS so that is good! I LOVED decorating my room and getting ready for it. It did make me real anxious to go camping in real life! So later this spring watch out...a camping we will go!!!

That one picture is my team of teachers!!! I love them so much! I would not have survived this year so far without them. I could not have been placed at a better school with a better support group and community. We have so much fun together. I think they think I am pretty weird and pretty makes for some funny conversations and laughs. Life is definitely different outside my little ACU bubble but it's good and I'm learning a ton about myself!

I feel like I could write for hours about what all is going on in my life but I will spare you of all that right now!

I want you to notice the reindeer ears on my team wears head things like that for every Holiday and we LOVE it!! We try to find any excuse to: wear things on our heads, ponytails or carry cute fuzzy pens to to Faculty meetings!

Christmas and Camping