Monday, May 23, 2011

The Blair/Watts Wedding

So we came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon and a VERY important wedding was the next day! Not only for the last 9 months had we been waiting for Little Bell to come but also for Kyle and Erika's wedding! I kept having little talks with Bell about how we needed to be there and she needed to come early or super late! It didn't work out exactly like I hoped but we did get to be there!!! We missed a few of the events but we got to be at the ceremony! We drove up on Saturday afternoon just in time for a few pictures, a walk down the isle, and to visit with a few friends. Josh kept Bell in quarintine so we didn't have hundreds of people touching our 3day old:) It was a great evening and I was soooooo glad that we could be there! I just couldn't miss this special day!